Oak Aged English-Style IPA

This was our first real attempt at writing our own recipe.  Could not be happier with the results.  The original idea came from a one off i tried at the Cascade Barrel House.  They had an English-Style IPA aged for 6 months in Pinot Barrels.  I believe that it was my first time ever venturing away from their sours.  It was also my first time, at least in many years, trying an English-Style IPA.   Fell in love with the style.

This was our 20th batch.

Tasting Notes

A:  The beer is dark copper in color.  Pours a solid head that lingers throughout.

S: Light aromas of fruity yeast.  Slight hop bitterness; not overwhelming with a more pronounced spice from the EK.  Oak dominates the backbone.

T:  Very similar to the nose.  Initial offering is of fruity yeasts and caramel.  Very quickly, hops take over.  Bitter, but balanced.  Hop spice permeates the overall flavor.  The oak acts to stabilize all of the flavors and tie it all together.

M:  Medium bodied.  Hops and oak add a heavier mouth feel than expected.  Solid Carbonation.

O:  One of my favorites.  Has become my go to brew at home.  Easy drink with plenty of body.  Well balanced.  Love the EK spicy aromas and flavor.

Malts & Fermentables

  • 8.5 lbs Liquid Malt Extract
  • .5 lb Crystal Malts (20L)

Hop Additions

  • 2 oz Galena (60 minutes)
  • 2 oz EK Goldings (15 minutes)
  • 1 oz EK Goldings (5 minutes)

Secondary Additions

  • 1 oz EK Goldings
  • 2 oz Oak Chips


  • Wyeast 1099 – Whitbread Ale

O.G. 1.065

Brewed – April 17, 2011

Bottled – May 8, 2011


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