The Making of the Oak Aged English-Style IPA

We recently finished off Batch 21.  An Oak Aged English-Style IPA.

The Recipe

The Goods

Steeping the Grains

Prepping the DME

Adding the LME

Bittering Hops - 2oz Galena

First Hop Addition

Flavoring Hops - 2oz EK Goldings

Aroma Hops - 1oz EK Goldings

Starting Gravity - 1.065

Primary Fermentation for 10 Days

2oz Oak Chips & 1oz EK Goldings in Secondary

Racking to Secondary

Coming Along

Aerial View

Secondary for 2 Weeks

Prepping the Bottle Caps & Corn Sugar

Final Gravity - 1.012

To the Bottling Bucket

The Leftovers


Close Ups

Bottle Caps

Batch 21

The Goods


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