October Harvest

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Puckerfest 5 – July 18 – 24

This year marks the 5th installment of Belmont Station’s Puckerfest.  Each year, the beloved bottle shop and tap house will have a rotating list of 12-14 sours available each day for a full week.  Nestled nicely between the International and Big Oregon Brew fest, Puckerfest is a great way to spend a weeknight sipping on some of the worlds finest brews without the huge crowds.  If you are lucky enough to grab one of the outside tables, hot real estate mind you, even better.  The folks over at Belmont Station promise that this will be the best yet.  And I certainly have no reason to doubt them.

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Portland International Beer Fest

One of the better and more unique beer festivals in the Portland area.  It is often overshadowed by the big guy downtown.  But, for my money, this one takes the cake.  No where else will you find the variety of European and other international brews and specialties that The PIB offers.  Go with the expectation that you will be dropping a few more dollars than at your average brew fest.  Moreover, go with an open mind and a willingness to try out breweries or, better yet, styles that you have never even heard of.

It was just a few years ago at the PIB that we were first introduced to sours.  I remember that vividly.  For my wife, it was love at first sip.  My mother and aunt, who happened to be in town, were repulsed.  I had no idea what to make of the style.  It was certainly like nothing i had ever even conceived of before.  Today, they rank among our absolute favorite style.

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